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robot wars

Crackers N Smash

North Yorkshire

Team stats

Alex Botwright25
Team role:

Captain, Lead Designer and Driver of Smash


Interactives Engineer

Ian Botwright55
Team role:

Team Manager and Co Designer


Maths and Science Educational consultant

David Weston30
Team role:

Driver of Crackers


Electronics Engineer

Keith Brown28
Team role:

Expert in computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing


Runs his own CNC fabrication company

What makes Crackers N Smash unique...

Team Captain Alex has aspired to winning Robot Wars since he was six years old. He has always loved to build things and once designed a go-kart/bathtub hybrid. The team’s biggest fear is flippers especially Apollo, who can launch a robot six feet into the air. It took the team three months to build both machines and they cost £8,000. Crackers ‘N’ Smash will soon be visiting schools across the country, hoping to inspire a new generation of engineers.