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robot wars

M.R Speed Squared


Team stats

Peter Forsey (Father)52
Team role:

Captain, Driver, and Creator


Cardiologist fitting pacemakers

Jake Forsey (Son)24
Team role:

Chief Strategist and Tactician


GIS Analyst (IT work)

Sam Forsey (Son)22
Team role:



Motorsport Engineering Student

What makes M.R Speed Squared unique...

This family team is made up of Peter and his two sons. They have no professional engineering qualifications, but they have many years of experience and skills between them in different forms. In the past Jake has built go karts, small robots and has experience in computer programming. Sam is currently studying a motorsport engineering degree, whilst Peter used to work for a company designing and building computer interface. He also motorised his tricycle when he was only ten. Together they share a passion for old school engineering, and Robot Wars, so much so, Peter has promised to marry his long-term girlfriend, Ellie, if he does not win this series.