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robot wars


Wool, Dorset

Team stats

Tim Rackley 24
Team role:

Team Captain and Weapon Operator


Test Inspector

Carl Yeo 35
Team role:



Senior Electronic Engineer

Sam Griffin 24
Team role:

Mechanical Design


Mechanical Technician

Nick Oliver 25
Team role:

Electronic Systems


Electronic Engineer

What makes Concussion unique...

The whole team are huge fans of the show – Tim and Carl were VIPs at series one filming and decided to get a team together and build a robot to compete! By analysing the current designs and other robots weaknesses the general idea of a drum spinner came about – to bring something relatively new to the UK. One major downfall of many robots was their weak drive system – inevitably allowing them to be pushed into the arena hazards, so they decided to prototype the drive system with a wooden model – of which they managed to pull a 1.8 tonne car at over 5 miles an hour. The team is basically four fans who decided to give it a go after many years watching the show!