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robot wars

Chimera 2

Bolton, Lancashire

Team stats

Jordan Mann 17
Team role:

Captain, Driver, and Creator


Studying electrical engineering at college

Mark Rollins-Mann 42
Team role:

Paperwork and Compliance.


Quality Manager

Phil Mann 63
Team role:

Weapons Repairs and Engineering


Retired Engineer

Philip Mann41
Team role:

Repairs and Logistics


Primary School Teacher

What makes Chimera 2 unique...

Chimera 2 is designed around the Greek mythological creature that possessed a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail. All three elements are represented in the robot with the wedge, body and weapon. Though the original Chimera did not make it past the group stage last series, the team has learnt from their mistakes and developed their skills to produce a more competitive and dynamic robot. As Jordan is studying Electrical Engineering at college, this has given him a wealth of knowledge about enabling him to build Chimera 2.