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robot wars



Team stats

Ian Lewis48
Team role:

Captain, owner, co-builder/designer/ driver/ engineering


Design Engineer

Simon Scott
Team role:

Co-captain/builder and weapons/self-righting


Mechanical Design engineer

Gillian Lewis47
Team role:

Wellbeing, logistics


Student Volunteer Coordinator

Darcie Lewis17
Team role:

Costume designer and wardrobe advisor



What makes Razer unique...

In 2000, an art dealer tried to purchase Razer from Ian and Simon for $500K. They decided to turn down the offer as, in their opinion, it “has the greatest legacy of any robot in the history of the show.” Captain, Ian, says he originally created Razer as he thought a team from a comprehensive high school could take on the ‘Oxbridge’ teams he saw in Series 1 of Robot Wars. Razer took part in Robot Wars Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Extreme 1 and 2 – winning series 5. In Series 4, Razer crushed house robot Matilda’s rear armour so badly that there was an ‘R.I.P.’ dedication for her at the end of the episode.